Who is Sabina


There is so much beauty in the natural world … hues, textures, emotions, shades and shadows … I merely pay a tribute. I paint with oils on canvas, my works express my deep admiration and gratitude. Whether it is fiery molten lava from an erupting volcano, milky facets of a rock crystal, mysterious beauty of a supernova or the brilliant colors of gemstones and oceans. Breathtaking irridescent patterns on a pheasant’s plumage, sheer raw beauty of tribal art, or the flowing manes and free spirits of wild horses. I get drawn to it. The paintings evolve with each new brushstroke, each new layer … never know exactly what each one will be like when it’s done. Something catches my eye, inspires me, and know where I want to begin. The end just happens along the way.


The Artist:”
Sabina Himani is a self-made artist. Growing up in Mumbai India, she has won several competitions in various art related fields, has a deep appreciation for the natural world, and considers life itself in all its beauty, a gift to be cherished. Having had her formal education at St. Xavier’s College Mumbai, in English Literature and Psychology, she enjoys reading and oil painting.”